Jo's family

We appreciate our habitues. That is why we found Jo´s Family for all fans of our bar. Every guest has always open door and there is a discount as a bonus for Family members.

Jo's bar newbie right when you get the card - discount 5%
Jo's bar Buddy 20 bonus points - discount 10%
Jo's bar Keeper 40 bonus points - discount 15%
Jo's bar Champ 100 bonus points - discount till the end of time 20%

What is Jo's Family?

Just ask the staff for the Jo´s Family card. You get automatically 5% discount.

Present your card on each visit and you get points. The more points you have the bigger discount you get. You get one point for every CZK 250,- you spend.

Join the Jo´s Family

The highest discount you can get is 20 % and you have it until the end of time.